Straightening at Park Cottage
We are pleased to inform you that straight teeth are now the right of all, regardless of age. New inexpensive techniques enable us to subtly straighten your teeth to provide you with a smile you will be proud of.
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This will also help you with your daily care; straight teeth really are easier to look after and help to ensure you keep them for life. With the easy availability of whitening you really can now afford to have ‘Straight White Teeth’ and enjoy the benefit of a confident healthy smile.
How long will it take
Following an initial consultation you will be provided with an estimate of the number of trays which will be required and this will determine the length of time the treatment will take. On average our patients seem to require 4-6 trays per arch, you should allow 3 weeks per tray, following receipt of the first tray(s) meaning 12 - 18 weeks.
How do I pay and how much does it cost
You pay as you straighten, payment is due on each impression appointment, the cost is £160 per tray, meaning it often works out to be £160 every 3 weeks (assuming you are straightening 1 arch at a time). You can slow this down to monthly payments, and the appointments can be arranged accordingly, this will slow down the treatment, but will cost the same overall and the treatment will be just as effective. Some patients prefer to straighten both arches at the same time and we offer a small reduction for this.

If you are straightening both arches, the price is £310 for upper and lower combined.

During your first impression appointment it may be necessary to have study models made, these are made to plan the order and required movement of the teeth and will cost £50, these are not required in all instances.
How often will I need to visit Park Cottage
A normal treatment plan would be; You come in on say the 1st of the month for impression(s) then on the 7th (1 week later) to collect and fit your new tray, then again on the 21st (2 weeks later) for your next impression(s) and so on.

For people who live further afield or have difficulty visiting as regularly then we have an option of posting the tray(s) to you, for no extra cost. With the exception of the 1st fit, we would like to see you for this appointment to make sure you are happy with fitting and using your tray(s). If the postal option is something you are interested in, then please let us know in advance of the impression appointment as more time may need to be put aside during this visit.
Do my teeth stay in position after I have finished straightening
You will require retainers to keep your teeth in the finished position. There are 2 options for this which we will be able to talk through with you. One is a fixed retainer (an extremely thin wire type fixture attached to the back of the teeth, you won’t see or notice it), the other is removable and worn only when you sleep. The costs are similar, £135 per retainer per arch.
Can I smoke with them in
It is not essential, but we recommend removing them when smoking as this can cause slight discolouration of the tray.
Can I chew gum with them in
No, the gum will stick to the tray, remove the tray(s) for eating or chewing any food or snack.
What happens if I lose my tray or it breaks
It is important to get in touch with us to book in for another impression as soon as you can. If you are away from the area, or unable to get to us then we recommend you go back to wearing your previous tray(s), this ensures you stay on plan for your course of treatment with minimum delay.

Unfortunately if a tray is lost then you will need to pay for new one, if it breaks, cracks or splits during general use then there will be no charge, however it is still important to let us know as the movement of the teeth may be affected, so you will need a replacement (and bring it along to your appointment please).
I have had braces in the past and my teeth have moved, can your trays correct this
Yes, we are seeing more and more adults who have had braces as teenagers in the past and their teeth have slipped back from being straight. This can be for a number of different reasons, commonly due to retainers not being worn, or people’s jaws continuing to grow after their orthodontic work.
What do I do with my tray if I’m not wearing it
We will provide you with a carry case to keep your tray(s) in. We recommend always keeping them in this, and not wrapping them in napkins or other items, we’ve found napkins get thrown away! We can also provide a travel toothbrush which folds away, making it easier to carry around for when you go out for a meal, or are eating on the move.
Will straightening my teeth hurt
Whilst it is not a painful process like fixed wire braces can be, some people notice some temporary discomfort for the first day or two at the beginning of a new movement. This is not something to be worried about, and will disappear after the first day or two. See it as a sign that the tray is working as your teeth are moving.
Will the tray(s) affect my speech
Similar to fixed braces, speech may be slightly affected temporarily in some people, this is while your tongue is getting used to a change in your mouth. This usually only lasts a few days.
How to contact the practice
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